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  Therapists on Wheels specializes in baby massage, prenatal, and postnatal massage in Singapore. Our certified pregnancy massage therapists have decades of experience working with local maternity hospitals in Singapore. Our forte lies in providing our customers with the best hand strokes to relax, beautify, and promote blood circulation. We focus on maximizing energy to bring your body to its optimal Qi & Yang levels.

Therapists on Wheels combines both Eastern and Western techniques in our postnatal massage treatment to help our clients achieve maximum results and satisfaction.

Our excellence in service over the years in helping countless local and foreign women has earned us a place as their trusted partner for all things therapeutic.


Why Therapists on Wheels?


  1. are available round the clock, anywhere for your convenience

  2. have an experienced and talented team of therapists to meet your needs

  3. focus on providing quality services over quantity for you to get maximized value for money

  4. offer premium services at affordable rates

  5. provide responsive after-care services to keep you supported throughout


Allow us to nurture your body back to its optimal pre-pregnancy levels with hands that heal.

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