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Baby Massage

Baby Therapy

Nothing matters more than the well-being of your precious newly born, “gem!” You’ve waited patiently for so long for your little one’s arrival, and now he/she is finally here!

Giving your cute little baby a good massage will leave your child calm and give him/her a nice peaceful sleep after each morning bath. Acquire these simple baby massage techniques with one-to-one sessions by our professional therapists.

Baby massage has many great health benefits for mothers and their babies. Our baby massage therapy at Therapists On Wheels is an excellent way to communicate love, comfort, and support to your baby. It will help mothers to understand their babies’ subtle, non-verbal language, and develop mothers’ ability to listen and understand their babies’ cues. By giving your baby a regular massage therapy, you lay down foundations of trust and security, helping to develop a happy and confident relationship with your baby for the future.

Our baby massage treatment utilizes Coconut Oil. Made with all natural ingredients, the oil leaves babies’ delicate skin soft and tender.

Some Benefits of Baby Massage :

  • Helps mother to recognize and understand the 4 different types of baby cries.

  • Helps baby to have better quality of sleep.

  • Relieves bloated tummy in babies due to milk indigestion.

  • Reduces crankiness in babies.

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