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Pre Natal Massage Therapy

Prenatal massage Singapore is a useful therapy for expecting mothers during their pregnancy. At Therapists on Wheels, we provide a full range of relaxing and soothing treatments for pregnant women in preparation for delivery. Our prenatal care takes place at your location, from the comfort of your home.

There are many benefits of prenatal massage, such as relieving discomforts, reducing stress, and promoting overall wellness. However, the most important advantage of our prenatal therapy is helping mothers to deliver their babies with ease through relaxed muscles.

We are expert therapists in baby, body, pre and post natal massage in Singapore.

Prenatal therapy Singapore also releases tiredness, tightness, and water retention due to pregnancy. It can help you relax your body through hormonal changes that you may be experiencing.

Therapists On Wheels recommends prenatal massage at least 3 times after the fifth month of pregnancy, in preparation of the new arrival. At Therapists On Wheels, our professional therapists pay extra attention to providing the best prenatal massage therapy for the clients.

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