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Post Natal Massage Therapy

Early motherhood is a challenging time both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy and childbirth is often followed by countless sleepless nights with breastfeeding and caring for your newborn child. This can cause the body to feel weak and fatigued. Physical and mental stress during the postpartum period is often experienced and can cause a lot of strain on new mothers. This is where postpartum massage may be necessary.

There are many benefits of postnatal massage in Therapists on Wheels. At Therapists on Wheels, we help mothers to relax their bodies, restore good blood circulation, tone loose skin, and tighten muscles.

Regular massage therapy sessions during the postpartum period will not only assist mothers in coping with physical and mental stress, but can also alleviate tiredness, and provide body slimming benefits.

Therapists on Wheels recommend starting your postpartum massage sessions 7 days after natural birth or 1 month after cesarean birth. The number of sessions depends on your individual needs. However, we suggest starting with at least 7x for normal delivery or 10x for Cesarean birth.


A “lymph” is a milky fluid that contains white blood cells known as “lymphocytes.” These play an important role protecting the body from invading bacteria, viruses & toxins. Lymphocytes are found primarily in the tonsils, armpits, and groin area. Our postnatal therapy includes manual drainage of the lymphatic system to:

  • Remove disease-causing organisms

  • Reduce Swelling

  • Strengthen the immune system

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Day 1 

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Day 1 

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Day 10

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Day 14

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Day 14

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